Citizens Parallel Investigation Committee

Citizens Parallel Investigation Committee will assess abuse of the Equity Powers of the New Mexico District Courts in Guardianship, Probate, Family Trust, and Injunctive Matters

In following and holding to account the activities and members of the public New Mexico Adult Guardianship Commission (“Commission”), announced by New Mexico’s Administrative Office of the Courts on April 6, 2017, the private Citizens Parallel Investigation Committee (“Committee”) will investigate at least six important areas of the current guardianship/equity-abuse problem or crisis that has recently attracted public attention and will develop at least five separate responsive actions, or remedies.

Beginning April 26, 2017, this website will publish periodic updates in our attempts to educate the public to the dangers that await any New Mexican that believes his or her legally-stated wishes will be honored by the sitting Judges in Courts across New Mexico. Typical civil contracts routinely entered into for the purposes of post-death succession includes all Power of Attorney-Durable or not, Wills, Trusts, Advanced Medical Directives, Naming of a future guardian, and Incorporation papers, to name only the most commonly used legal documents that Judges routinely void and replace with their discretionary wishes.

Six (6) Areas of Equity Abuse to be investigated by Citizens Parallel Investigation Committee


What our readers are saying about WillPowerNM:

Have you seen the movie SPOTLIGHT? It is about the pedophile scandal in the Catholic Church that was exposed by the SPOTLIGHT team at the Boston Globe newspaper. Lawyers had helped the Catholic Church cover up the scandal by settling cases out of court. A judge had sealed evidence that the Cardinal knew about the abuses and did nothing. The SPOTLIGHT teams got a judge to unseal the evidence. When the GLOBE published the story there was a flood of complaints from victims who has suffered in silence thinking they were the only ones who had been abused. Ideally, I would like to convince the SPOTLIGHT team at the Boston Globe to do the same kind of expose on abuse of guardianship.

The same thing is happening in guardianship that happened in the pedophile scandal. This is much more insidious because it is the lawyers themselves who are committing the crimes and using their control over all the branches of government to hide what they are doing. No matter where you go to complain, you run up against a lawyer who is unwilling to go against another lawyer.

David Arnold
Boston, Massachusetts

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I think the work you’re doing (at WillPowerNM) is vitally important.

Diane Dimond
Creators Syndicate columnist and investigative journalist